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The Ombudsman and Protection

A third party point of reference

The Student Ombudsman is a third party reference point that receives requests to intervene from faculty members on presumed violations of the Honor Code.

In the event of an alleged beach of the Honor Code by faculty members, students may submit a written complaint to the Student Ombudsman, to the email address garante.studenti@unibocconi.it. If necessary, the Ombudsman will commence a confidential process without prejudice to due process in hearing both parties. The complaint must be lodged within 30 days of the event complained of.

The Student Ombudsman, having heard the interested parties to whom due process in hearing them both is assured, but without procedural constraints, within 60 days of receipt of the written complaint, in the absence of an amicable resolution, will issue a written finding and provide a copy to the student and faculty member concerned and, where necessary, inform the relevant bodies of the University for any further assessment and/or penalty process.

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