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Honor Code for the Bocconi Community

Principles and regulations

Bocconi University considers ethics, as well as responsibility for one's conduct and actions as essential for people's education and professional lives.

Today more than ever in Italy and around the world it is important for young people in general and in the management class in particular to develop several essential characteristics. These elements are rigor in their role as students and then workers, independence of opinion, capacity for teamwork, the culture of legality, and ethical values in economic life. Bocconi's objective is therefore to produce individuals who are prepared and knowledgeable: citizens of the world, with a sense of belonging to the social body, both in terms of small societies such as businesses and larger ones such as the national government and Europe.

Being part of the Bocconi community, which includes students, faculty, collaborators and staff, means sharing the principles expressed in the University's founding documents the connected values completely and voluntarily. These values are: independence, ethics, transparency, freedom of expression, equality, solidarity, promotion of diversity, sustaining merit and individual potential, professionalism and standards, social responsibility.

Lack of respect for these values through inappropriate conduct, which is either voluntary or simply caused by negligence, harms not only the individual and the people directly involved, but it also harms Bocconi University as a whole and the community surrounding it. Bocconi's reputation reflects directly on the reputation of the Bocconi community, its students, faculty and staff, who work in Italian and international society at all levels.

This is why Bocconi publishes and circulates an Honor Code and Code of Conduct for Students and Faculty with the objective of conveying and reinforcing the values of commitment and propriety which are essential in carrying out study, research and professional activities within the entire Bocconi community.

The Honor Code gives importance to, organizes and makes transparent the rules about conduct and penalty procedures which are largely already laid out in national university regulations and by Bocconi University . The internal regulation system referred to also includes other more detailed documents and academic regulations (exams, theses, etc.).

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