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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The "International Holocaust Remembrance Day" is celebrated worldwide every year on 27 January .

The Holocaust Remembrance Day was established in Italy with Italian Law 211 on 20 July 2000 to both remember the date on which the Nazi Auschwitz camp was liberated (27 January 1945) and commemorate the Shoah (the persecution, deportation, imprisonment and extermination of Jewish citizens); as well as remember everyone (the Righteous) who, in various ways and using various methods, opposed the outrageous genocide, not hesitating to save other lives and protect the persecuted in difficult conditions, even at the risk of their own lives.

On the occasion of the "Holocaust Remembrance Day", various meetings, ceremonies and commemorations have been organized (especially in schools of all levels). Events will reflect on what happened to Jewish people and Italian politicians and military personnel of the time deported to Nazi concentration camps. The aim is to keep the memory of that period in the history of Europe and Italy alive, so that similar tragedies will always be averted.


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