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150th anniversary of Italian unification

The 150th anniversary of Italian unification was celebrated on 17 March 2011.

The symbolic value of the celebrations refer to a message of national identity and unity and testifies to the commitment to appreciate the national territory as an expression of the unique qualities of all its Regions.
The official website of the celebrations is: http://www.italiaunita150.it/ (in Italian)

Università Bocconi is involved in several activities aimed at emphasizing the values at the basis of national identity and unity.

In particular, the University was involved in curating the exhibit "Copyright Italia - Marchi, brevetti, prodotti dal 1948 al 1970", an exhibition that reconstructs the years of economic, scientific development and the people and businesses which brought it about, casting a glance at the discoveries that will revolutionize scientific research through 2061. (Starting 24 March 2011 - Rome, Central Archives of the State).

The April issue of Via Sarfatti 25 was entirely dedicated to the celebration for the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

People from the entire Bocconi community were active participants in several important and interesting events: Professors Francesco Giavazzi and Fabrizio Onida were part of the steering committee of the International Historical Conference at the Banca d'Italia; while a student association had organized the conference "150 Years after Italian Unification: What kind of federalism will unify the country?" (15 March 2011).

Finally, Università Bocconi Editore published the volume "Alfabeto italiano", by Giuliano Amato and Paolo Peluffo.
22 September 2011 the authors will  be in Bocconi, on the occasion of "I centocinquant'anni dell'unità d'Italia visti dagli under 25" debate.

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