Summer’s Cool in Milan

29 JUNE - 17 JULY 2020

6 April 2020 Update

The University is closely monitoring the evolution of the current health emergency to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the entire Bocconi community.
A range of options is being considered for this year's Summer School program. Summer School applicants will be kept informed in a timely manner regarding any important updates.
Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

Bocconi Summer School offers international undergraduate students the opportunity to experience our urban campus in downtown Milan for 3 weeks.
You can choose 1 course out of the 7 options available, each worth 6 credit points. Pursue your areas of interest or try out something new: see the course descriptions below to choose the one that's right for you.

> Courses offered by the Undergraduate School

Digital Marketing

This course describes the growing relevance of digital marketing in the competitive arena, both for customers and firms. The contents aim at educating participants on how innovative digital tools (Internet, smartphones, etc.) and methods (such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media marketing, emailing, marketing automation, etc.) are revolutionizing the world of marketing, often determining the strategies implemented by global players to develop products, to persuade customers, to distribute items effectively and to price them correctly. The course will focus on the potential that all electronic media have and the most important keys to success as well as on the challenges faced.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Technological developments constantly disrupt markets and hence organizations have to adapt themselves to these changes in order to maintain or to gain their market position. The main purpose of the course is to provide knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation in large established corporations, but also in small start-up entrepreneurial companies.
The first part of the course will provide an insight on the practice of entrepreneurship and new venture creation, focusing primarily on the skills required to launch and grow a successful business, while the second part will equip students with an understanding of the main issues in innovation strategy and an awareness of the key features of success. If you’re interested in further understanding the critical economic issues in the EU, this track is expressly designed to give you a deep experience of policy development, economic governance and the analysis of aggregate productivity and spillovers from multinational companies. You will be asked to debate real structural reforms in the EU and you’ll sharpen your skills in economic analysis and statistics.

Equity and Venture Capital Financing

Discover all the key factors in value creation by private equity and venture capital firms, taking a close look at management issues, business models and investment opportunities. You will learn to act from the perspective of financial intermediaries specialized in scouting, consulting and financing successful entrepreneurial activities and startups, right in the center of Milan, one of the most important business centers and stock markets in Europe.

Fashion and Design Management

Milan is recognized around the world as a fashion and design capital, with first-rate shopping, design districts and excellent manufacturers where prestigious brands have their headquarters. Taking advantage of a cross-industry approach, this course provides an in-depth understanding of supply chains, business models and growth strategies of the global fashion and design industries. With the connection between creative and managerial activities as the core topic, you’ll also complete project work organized in conjunction with a leading Italian fashion company.

International Business Strategy

Are you ready to go beyond traditional knowledge, overcome repeated hurdles and transform problems into opportunities? This course is concentrated on analyzing management challenges and value creation mechanisms and has been designed for motivated business and non-business major students interested in understanding how and why firms survive, grow and attract talent in the “new normal” of our globalized and digitalized society.

Luxury Management

Through this course you will explore the fundamental strategies and business models of different companies with a luxury or premium positioning. You’ll be actively involved, analyzing global competitive trends and sharing best practices in a broad range of luxury brands and industries, such as fashion and leather accessories, food and beverage, cosmetics and perfume, jewelry, yachts, automotive, and hospitality. Learn to use the alchemy of blending creativity, product development, manufacturing and go-to-market strategies that leads to success.

> Course offered by the School of Law

Digital Law

The digital economy and artificial intelligence are disrupting traditional legal concepts and posing severe challenges to legal professionals. The course aims at educating participants on problematic aspects connected to the so-called “digital revolution”. In particular, it will focus on three main areas that are currently subject to intense investigation within the EU. First, it will provide insight on the changing role of personal and non-personal data in the data economy and the responses of the law with respect to the EU regulations on transparency and liability. Second, it will devote attention to issues of liability associated with digital products: the Internet of Things, self-driving vehicles and 3D-printing. Its final part will address the evolutionary paradigms of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and virtual currencies as well as their impact on legal systems. Students will be asked to tackle real-life scenarios and will meet companies that perform their activities in fields using new technologies.

Our Summer School is focused on interactive and effective learning, featuring:
  • Peer-to-peer processes in teams during exercises, case studies and simulations, as well as reciprocal assessment
  • Flat classrooms, bring-your-own-device
  • Small class groups, to allow for enhanced interaction between instructors and students and work on real business cases
  • Continuous assessment of student performance

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