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Study Plan

First year CP
Semester I  
Fundamentals of innovation and industrial change 7
Intellectual property and competition law 6
Economics of business strategy, Module I (Market behavior)
Venture capital and valuation
Technology and innovation strategy
Behavioural skills seminars
Semester II  
Economics of business strategy, Module II (Transactions and incentives)
Developing your company 6
Data analytics and visualization

1 major compulsory course:

  • Innovation, growth and sustainability (major A or free track)
  • Innovation management and strategies (major B, major D or free track)
  • IT consulting (major C or free track)
Second foreign language (lessons only)  
Total credit points of the first year 62
Second year CP
3 elective courses (major* or free track) 18
1 Innovation Specific Elective** 6
Professional English seminars (lessons + exam) 2
Second language (lessons + exam 1st semester 2nd year) 4
Enhancing Experience - Curricular Supplementary Activities
Internship or similar activities 8
Thesis 18
Total credit points of the second year 58
Total credit points 120

  ** Innovation Specific Electives

  • Data Analysis for Managerial Decision Making
  • Collaborative Strategies for Innovation
  • Innovation in the Sharing Economy: The role of platforms and business models
  • Innovation in Services

Please note that the course requirements and the program structure are subject to change.

The study plan requires two European Union languages.
More specifically:
1° language, 2 CPU: English

  • for all students (regardless of their native language)
  • the main aim is to foster the development of professional skills

2° language:

MSc programs in English:
  • Italian for non-Italian native speakers
  • French, Spanish, German, Portuguese for Italian native speakers

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