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Claudio Panico

Program Director

We train our students to come up with new and ambitious ideas and provide them with a broad set of skills to turn these ideas into business solutions.
Updated every year to reflect changes in the fields of innovation and management, our program will allow you to navigate evolving technologies including digital platforms and the sharing economy, learn database management and data visualization, study modern industrial organization and advanced strategy, and learn to make strategic decisions in the digital economy.
The strengths of this MSc are our highly motivated students and our dedicated faculty engaged in research at the cutting edge of technology and innovation management.
Our courses are designed to help you understand the multifaceted aspects of the innovation process: how innovative ideas are produced – including products, processes, but also services and business models – how they are created, how they reach end users and their implications for consumers, companies and the economic system as a whole. Because innovation is transversal and common to all sectors and industries, and a fundamental engine of economic growth.

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