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CELI 3 / CILS DUE-B2 course

International Certificates Preparation Courses

The Language Center offers preparatory courses for language certificates recognized by the University:

  • for Italian: CELI 3 / CILS DUE-B2 (2nd semester)

In order to choose the course to attend, students have to take into consideration:

  • their current language level and skills
  • the minimum exit level and linguistic field in their study plan

For a.y. 2019-20, the courses are offered as follows:

Preparatory course

Start of course
Timetable and room
Enrolment period
Target students
(cod. 30532,
class 1)
5 February
48 hours
Available on the Bocconi website (search class timetable cod. 30532)
from 13 to 26 January Bachelors,
Law and MSc programs


  • Registration via yoU@B Student’s Diary (in the “Various Activities” sign up box)
  • Start of lessons and class time table will be communicated by the Language Center via yoU@B Student’s Diary

Courses are run according to the actual number of students enrolled.


  • Class group assigned will be available in the yoU@B Student’s Diary only after the beginning of the semester
  • Classes are open up to a maximum number of students enrolled
  • Attendance at  the first lesson is essential
  • It is suggested to attend the course regularly

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