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How to apply

Latest update - April 11, 2023

Students can attend online, blended or in-person Summer Programs in Summer 2023.

Nevertheless, considering the general uncertainty and fluidity of the global situation, whether the overall conditions would not safeguard the wellbeing and security of students, Bocconi University does not guarantee that students will be able to attend Summer Programs blended/ in person.

Before applying, you are required to read carefully the Bocconi Students TRAVEL RISK POLICY, available on yoU@B – International SOS and the Travel Risk Policy Exceptions for A.Y. 2023/24: in-person Summer Programs 2023 will not be authorized in the countries where the student Exchange is suspended.

Students wishing to attend a Summer Program in Summer 2023 will have to formally apply at Punto Blu starting from April 27, 2023 and no later than July 21, 2023.

Application steps

  • check if you meet the Bocconi the requirements (see Eligibility section);
  • check if you meet the partner school requirements;
  • ensure you can meet the partner school application deadlines and procedures;
  • check if the course you want to attend and recognize is coherent with your Bocconi study plan;
  • apply to the Free Mover Summer at Punto Blu. You will need to upload:
    1. a valid English certificate - if not already registered in your career (see Eligibility section);
    2. the ‘Free Mover Summer 2023 - Student info' document (available here).

         and save the application receipt.

  • the Study Abroad Office will check if you meet the Bocconi academic and language requirements and will send you a notification once the recognition platform is available in your yoU@B diary;
  • through this tool you can send a recognition request to the professor responsible of the Bocconi course correspondent to the one you want to attend during the Summer Program;
  • after the Bocconi recognition approval, you can carry out the partner school enrollment procedures.

While applying to the Free Mover Summer, you can indicate one Summer Program only.

Entry requirements, travel restriction and required precautions to enter the Host Country, with special but not exclusive reference to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, must be verified by students themselves prior to departure, in order to guarantee that the Program is carried out in compliance with applicable health requirements and visa law.

Students are responsible for the Host School tuition fees, travel, board and lodging expenses during the Summer Program. Participants are also required to be covered by a comprehensive international sickness and accident insurance policy while abroad.

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