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Students applying to the Free Mover Summer can recognize only one course, which will be registered the Bocconi academic career with a grade out of thirty. In case there is no indication of a grade, it will not be possible to recognize the exam (i.e.: pass/fail grading system is not valid).


The program of the partner school course you wish to attend has to be approved by the professor in charge of the corresponding Bocconi course (for BAI and BEMACS students the corresponding course must be approved by the Degree Program Director or delegate). The program must be approved before the Summer Program begins. It is the student's responsibility to verify that the recognized course is coherent with the Bocconi study plan.

Once the Recognition platform is available, you must send the recognition request to the professor responsible of the corresponding Bocconi course, in order to obtain his/her preliminary approval.

In order to do so you need to upload to the platform an overall description of the Summer course you wish to attend. The Bocconi professor has to receive all the major information on the course (e.g. course description - objectives, contents, lectures and/or special workloads, written/oral exam, the number of credits assigned to the course and/or the number of classroom and lecture hours, the local instructor's contacts).


Upload the partner school’s official transcript of records (mentioning course, grade and credits) to the Recognition platform and proceed with the recognition.

Exams that CANNOT be recognized are:

  • foreign language exams and computer tests;
  • courses without Bocconi correspondence;
  • courses that are not coherent with the student's study plan;
  • list of courses for which credits cannot be granted if taken abroad (please refer to the Guide to the University).
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