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How to apply


Check if you meet the Bocconi the requirements (see Requirements section);

Check if you meet the partner school requirements;

Ensure you meet the partner school application deadlines and procedures;


Please note: maximum 10 students will be allowed to apply for the Free-mover semester in each destination available. This number refers to the entire AY 23-24.

Students selected for the Exchange program who decided to withdraw cannot go abroad as a Free Mover student during the academic career underway. This rules applies also to students admitted for the Exchange after being on a waiting list.

When applying at the Punto Blu (see Application – step 1), students will be removed from the Exchange Program waiting list by the Study Abroad staff.


A.Y. 2023-2024 Free-Mover Semester graduate application will open on Wednesday May 3rd, 2023 at 12.00pm (Italian time) and will close February 1st, 2024 at 11.59pm (Italian time)

Students are strongly advised not to take any binding financial commitment without having secured his/her place for a specific destination at Punto Blu.

Application  Steps


Access Punto Blu at the following path

ITA: Mobilità Internazionale > Bandi Mobilità > Ambito Mobilità [Free Mover]

ENG: International Mobility > Mobility Exam Notices > Mobility Area [Free Mover]

Click on Apply, read carefully and confirm the mandatory requirements and select your destination.

Please be aware that only 1 destination can be selected at Punto Blu and a maximum of 10 places (per Academic Year) for each destination are available. The 10 places are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once applied at Punto Blu, if successful, you will be able to display/print the application receipt. You can then proceed with the Partner application as you are among the first 10 students.

If not successful, the system will notify in real time if the destination has just reached the 10 students cap.

If a destination – among the ones listed here - is no more displayed, it means that the 10 students cap has already been reached.

If a student cancels the application for that destination, his/her place will become available again.


When Bocconi students have received a formal acceptance letter from the foreign university, they are required to access once again their application at Punto Blu and they will need to upload the acceptance letter and the Language certificate (if required) to finalize their application.

Complete applications must be received at Punto Blu at least one week before departure.


After completing the application process by uploading all the requested documents, students must notify the Study Abroad Office through B in Touch.

The Study Abroad Office will then check if the student meets the Bocconi academic and language requirements and will send a notification once the recognition platform is available in the yoU@B diary;

The Study Abroad Office may (or may not) validate the request according to the eligibility criteria. Only upon receipt of this validation via B in Touch the student is definetely allowed to take part in the Free-Mover Semester experience and register it into his/her career once back.

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