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International Mobility Grant

A.Y. 2024-25

During the study cycle, there are many opportunities for international experiences that Bocconi University reserves for its students, thanks to agreements developed over the years with over 200 Universities and institutions located in all continents.

In order to promote participation in the international mobility programmes offered by the University, Bocconi provides its students with a participation grant, the amount of which varies and is modulated according to the different economic characteristics of the students' families.

All students taking part in international mobility programmes, in particular Exchange, CEMS-MIM, Themis, DD Essec and other Joint/Double Degree programmes (lasting between 2 and 12 months), will be considered without the need to apply for the possible assignment of scholarships, which can be granted thanks to a mix of resources between Erasmus+ funds, ministerial funds and Bocconi University's own funds.

Disbursement of the grant is not automatic, but follows the Office's assessments, which take into account any conditions of economic disadvantage verified by the University on the basis of the students' economic and asset situation, destination and actual duration of the mobility experience.

The scholarships are assigned within the limits of the available resources and until the national and international mobility funds are exhausted.

For the disbursement of the grants, the requirements specified by the various national or international institutions will be respected on a case-by-case basis; for example, students leaving for countries within the European Union will be able to benefit from Erasmus+ funds as a priority, in accordance with the specific regulations laid down therein.

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