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Economic Requirements


In order to apply for one of the a.y. 2023-2024 Right to University Education benefits (ISU Bocconi Scholarship, preferential rate housing, preferential rate canteen service), students who meet all the requirements set for each application will also need to meet economic requirements defined at regional level. In order to attest their economic eligibility, applicants will be required to submit all the necessary documentation.

Economic Requirements

The ISEE/ISEEU parificato and ISPE/ISPEU parificato values are defined annually by the Lombardy Region with its own resolution.

For a.y. 2023-2024, the values set by the Lombardy Region will be the following:

>> ISEE/ISEEU parificato no higher than € 24.335,11
>> ISPE/ISPEU parificato no higher than € 52.902,43

In order to apply for a benefit of the Right to University Education students will need to obtain an Attestazione ISEE per prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario issued in 2023 whose "ISEE" and "ISPE" values fall within the limits provided. Otherwise, the application cannot be accepted.

It is specified that the ISPE value is calculated by the University by dividing the ISP value by the equivalence scale.

Foreign students must obtain a substitute indicator for the ISEE and ISPE values called ISEEU/ISPEU parificato. This document can only be issued by the CAAF partnered with Bocconi University.

For all applicants, citizens of non-EU Countries, whose family household held assets at 31 December 2021 or produced income in 2021 in countries other than Italy, please note that, pursuant to Italian D.G.R. 2023 of Italian D.lgs 286/98, of Italian D.P.R. n. 394 of 31 August 1999, declarations that attest an annual income for fiscal year 2021 of less than € 5,983.64 will not be considered valid for the purposes of ISU Bocconi eligibility, as they are incompatible with immigration regulations.

Economic requirements for INDEPENDENT STUDENTS

For the purpose of adequately accounting for individuals who bear the burden of the student's support, the student is considered independent only if, in addition to the economic requirements described above, both of the following requirements are met:

  • Residence, as proven by registry data, outside the housing unit of the family of origin for at least two years before the date of the ISEEU parificato certificate, in an accommodation that is not owned or in usufruct by one of its members and therefore he/she uses an accommodation upon payment that must be documented (students are also not independent if at least one member holds the real right or personal right to use the accommodation);
  • Income from employment or similar work, declared for tax purposes for at least the past two years, not less than €9,000.00 annually. Work may not be performed under the employment of a family member.

If both the above conditions are NOT met – and duly documented – the student is considered part of the parents’ family unit, and therefore his/her economic and asset condition as well as that of his/her family of origin will be considered when determining eligibility for Right to University Education assistance and the ISU Bocconi bracket.

The additional documentation required to independent students is listed on the "Necessary documentation" webpage.


The family unit (Family household composition) is defined pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers 5 December 2013, n. 159.

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