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Students must pay the entire amount of tuition and fees to Bocconi University, on the basis of the deadlines and methods defined by the Fees Funding and Housing Office.

Amounts and installments

Tuition and fees amounts are divided into installments. More information about installments can be found at the following links:

ProgramAmounts and installments
Bachelor of Science and Law programsA.Y. 2019-2020
A.Y. 2020-2021 
Master of Science programsA.Y. 2019-2020A.Y. 2020-2021 



A.Y 2019-2020

 A.Y. 2020-2021
1st installment Advance03/09/2019 starting from 2nd year of study07/09/2020 starting from 2nd year of study
1st installment Adjustment03/12/201901/12/2020

2nd installment



3rd installment


Graduation Fee (MAV available starting from the last year of degree program)Payment must be registered by and no later than the reservation for the graduation session
Students who would like to use services in addition to the standard reminder services provided by the Fees Funding and Housing Office, such as email or SMS messages to remind them of MAV payment dates, must register at the following website: Scrigno Pago Facile.
Updating of the financial position can be verified directly online in the "Financial Situation - PAYMENTS" section in the student's yoU@B agenda.

Consequences when deadlines are not met

Payments for tuition and fees made after the official deadlines cause:

  • A penalty fines equal to 100 euros, charged the day after the registration of the late payment.

Therefore, we invite you to check the "Financial Situation-Payments" section on Agenda yoU@B in case of payments of one or multiple installments after the deadline indicated on the MAV.

  • Automatic suspension of access to teaching and administrative services according to the prospectus below. The Fees Funding and Housing office will carry out controls on the regularity of the student's financial situation upon the request by the interested student. 
Block of teaching and administrative services
1st installment Advance In case of payment not registered by 07/10/2020
1st installment Adjustment In case of payment not registered by 11/01/2021
2nd installment 
In case of payment not registered by 01/03/2021
3rd installment 
In case of payment not registered by 31/05/2021
Mav with different deadlines than the official ones cause the suspension of teaching and administrative services from the 31st day following the expiry date.

A penalty fine equal to 100 euros will be charged also in case of late enrollment to the academic year.

The enrollment procedure will be available starting from:

  • 23/07/2019 for third year Bachelor students and “supplementary years” Bachelor students;
  • 25/07/2019 for second year Master students and “supplementary years” Master students and for Law program students who are attending their 4th or 5th year or a “supplementary year”;
  • 29/07/2019 for second year Bachelor students and Law program students who are attending their 2nd and  3rd year.

The deadline for the enrollment is on 29 August 2019.    

When the financial position is not regularized, student can't enroll to next academic year but can register for exams (except in case of suspension of teaching and administrative services).

Methods of payment

Payment of University tuition and fees may only be completed by using the MAV bank forms. These forms can be printed online and are available in the "Financial Situation-Payments" section in yoU@B agenda (with the exception of the advance payment on first installment for 1st year students, whose MAV is provided by the Bocconi Admission Office).

Payments by MAV may be made through any bank in Italy or online through an Italian home banking system or through the "Scrigno Pago Facile" service.

Please remember that the student's badge, if activated for financial services, could be useful for foreign students in order to do online payments. For further information please refer to Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

The way in which payments are received is automated. Therefore, especially around the exam period or graduation application time, payments should be made in a timely manner to make sure that the automated payment is received, considering time ranges for banking transactions (from 5 to 15 business days, depending in the complexity of the transaction).

Please note that payments processed during the winter holidays will be registered starting from 8 January 2020

Tuition and fee payments must be made without any changes being made to the MAV form.

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