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Diversity @ Bocconi: Culture, Religion

Studying at Bocconi means experiencing comprehensive and challenging growth of a personal, cultural and educational nature in Italy’s most international city.

Studying at Bocconi also means becoming part of a truly international community, with students and faculty members from more than 100 countries around the world. They make the Bocconi campus a place to exchange experiences, cultures and ideas for personal enrichment, above and beyond professional interests.

In a typical year, there are more than 3,000 international students on campus: in addition to the around 1,500 international students enrolled at Bocconi, there are generally also more than 1,500 incoming students on exchange annually from our network of Partner Schools.



As is customary at institutions and companies in Italy, the Bocconi academic calendar recognizes Italian national holidays. Classes, exam sessions, graduation sessions and commencement ceremonies are not scheduled during these holidays.

The dates of principal holidays celebrated by the religions most represented on campus are taken into consideration when setting up the academic calendar for exams and graduation sessions.

In any case, the cultural and religious identity of students at Bocconi is respected thanks to a flexible teaching model. For Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and the Integrated Master of Arts in Law programs, each course has 3-4 exam sessions (4 for BSc and Law programs, 3 for MSc programs) during every academic year. Multiple exam sessions allow students who cannot attend an exam for cultural or religious reasons to take it during a different session.

Graduation sessions and commencement ceremonies are scheduled over several days. For cultural or religious reasons, students can be placed on a specific day during the session or commencement days, according to how they have been organized.


Interfaith Area

The Interfaith Area has been active since 2012, guaranteeing that all our students have a suitable place for worship and prayer on the Bocconi campus. It is located at Piazza Sraffa 6, in the San Ferdinando Rectory.

In addition to providing a place for prayer for followers of different religions, the Interfaith Area also has the objective of promoting dialogue and discussion of religions and cultures.


Food Services

Bocconi is attuned to the dietary needs of its students, respecting different personal, cultural and religious habits, as well as the most common intolerances to particular foods.

Food service providers on campus are therefore able to guarantee due attention and special menus regarding these issues, and will provide proper communication.

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