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40/20% Partial tuition waivers

a.y. 2024-25

Key information
40% or 20% waiver on the ordinary academic tuition and fees

As part of the "Bocconi4Access to Education" support scheme, Boost your Future Scholarships are partial tuition waivers, of a variable percentage (40 or 20%), on the payment of ordinary academic tuition and fees, which are assigned to students and families who have decided to make a significant investment in a higher level education, so that this investment remains relevant, but can be tackled with the necessary serenity.

Bocconi University wants to support all students in their learning path by attributing, with the 40-20% Partial tuition waiver, an aid that if on the one hand acknowledges, as always and once again, the unavoidable and essential role of families, on the other hand seeks to strengthen and push the student's journey, giving him or her an extra opportunity to fully experience the different aspects of the academic and non-academic sphere.

The "Bocconi4Access to Education" support scheme is highly detailed; the University will consider each application submitted for all benefits starting with the largest one up until all available resources are exhausted. The University will try and assign the one benefit that is most corresponding to the economic and asset situation assessed on the basis of the documentation submitted.

1. Requirements

Students who meet the following requirements may be evaluated for the assignment of this funding opportunity:

  • International candidates enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor’s degree programs or Law programs during a.y. 2024-25
  • Students who have submitted the single application: Bocconi4Access to Education a.y. 2024-2025 (please see below points 3 and 4)


The Fees, Funding and Housing Office will verify all documents presented and will assess the economic and asset condition of the Bocconi conventional family household of the student. Based on this evaluation, the office will determine the entity of the support that can be attributed. In fact, it is not assigned any benefit upon a single requisite or element of evaluation.

2. General rules

The provisions outlined on this page constitute official publication of the regulations for the benefits provided under the “Bocconi4Access to Education” support scheme dedicated to students enrolled in the first year of Bachelor of Science and Law Programs in the a.y. 2024-25.

3. Single application: deadline and procedure

Interested students have to submit the single “Bocconi4Access to Education a.y. 2024-2025 ” application, according to the deadlines and procedure foreseen.

4. Documentation required

The allocation of the benefit can only be assessed after the detailed examination of all the required documentation submitted by the applicant in the “Bocconi4Access to Education a.y. 2024-2025” application, as detailed here.

5. Renewal

All benefits assigned by Bocconi University can be confirmed year by year for the entire legal duration of the regular course of study, if the merit requirements are met, as specified here.

6. Revocation and forfeiture

Students may lose their benefit, or the benefit itself may be revoked, if one of the following conditions listed on the dedicated pages occurs.

The above provisions constitute official publication of the regulation for 40/20% Partial tuition waivers for students enrolled in the first year of Bachelor and Law programs in the academic year 2024-2025.

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