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Partial tuition waiver for simultaneously enrolled siblings

a.y. 2024-25

Key information
20% waiver on the ordinary academic tuition and fees

Bocconi University supports families who place trust in it by enrolling more than one child at the same time. Indeed, the second sibling enrolled at the same time is granted a partial exemption equal to 20% of the ordinary academic tuition and fees.

 1. Requirements

Students who can be considered for the benefit are:

  • Students enrolled in the a.y. 2024-25 in the first year of a Bachelor's degree program and Law programs with a brother/sister simultaneously enrolled in the same academic year;
  • Students not assignee of any other benefit provided by Bocconi;
  • Students who have submitted the single application: Bocconi4Access to Education a.y. 2024-2025 (please see below points 3 and 4).

2. General rules

The benefit assigned is an alternative to other types of exemptions and/or benefits, and for each academic year, only one benefit offered by Bocconi University.

In the case more than two siblings are contemporary enrolled in the same academic year, the benefit can be applied to the last sibling enrolled.

Please note that students transferring from other Universities may be considered eligible for the total tuition waivers exclusively if enrolled in Bocconi in the first year during a.y. 2024-25. If, instead, the student enrolls in the second year of a program due to the number of recognized credits, they will be considered for the benefits provided for a.y. 2023-24.

3. Single application: deadlines and procedure

The student enrolled in the academic year 2024-25 in the first year of Bachelor's degree programs and Law programs must submit the single application "Bocconi4Access to Education a.y. 2024-25" according to the methods and deadlines indicated in the following link.

The 20% reduction is implemented for the third installment of tuition and fees. This reduction is contingent upon the verification of not only the documentation submitted with the application, but also the correct enrollment of both siblings for the academic year 2024-25.

4. Required documentation

The student will not be required to provide any fiscal or additional documentation, but only the correctly completed and signed application form within the online portal in MyApplication within the foreseen deadline, as well as provide the requested information.

5. Renewal

The benefit takes effect from the first year in which the request is submitted. The benefit assigned is automatically renewed for the entire legal duration of the study cycle, as long as the status persists.

Please note that this reduction is not subject to merit requirements in order to be confirmed year after year.

Therefore, after enrolling in academic years subsequent to the first, there is no need to submit a new application.

6. Revocation and forfeiture

Recipient students can lose their benefit if the siblings no longer have the status of simultaneous enrollment to the same academic year or the benefit itself may be revoked whether one of the conditions specified on the dedicated pages occurs.

The provisions outlined above constitute official publication of the regulations for the academic year 2024-2025 regarding the "Partial support for simultaneously enrolled siblings” in the first year of the Bachelor’s degree program and Law programs.

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