Sara Ghazanfari


Undergraduate studies: BSc in Economic and Social Sciences
Graduate studies: MSc in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations, Bocconi University
Company: ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association), Brussels, Belgium

I chose Bocconi because of an interest in policy analysis. I remember how the lessons of Public Management during my Bachelor program in Economics and Social Sciences were inspiring and motivating for the rest of my studies and in my career choices.

I got motivated by the chance to have a career that is not only focused on the private sphere, but that also offered opportunities in the public and international areas. I chose to take the MSc in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations to follow these passions. The program is suitable for anyone who is planning an international career: it is very well known abroad by employers and colleagues and it provides adequate preparation for careers in European and internationals institutions. As for the private sector, it certainly does not pale beside other programs focused only on business administration. During my studies, I took part in numerous national and international projects, and went to Brussels for an internship in the field of European policymaking.

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