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Salvatore Nunnari

Program Director

What is the likely effect of Artificial Intelligence on labor markets and inequality? Why are tech giants under the close scrutiny of antitrust agencies around the globe? How can we achieve the goal of making our society more sustainable in the long run and what are the pros and cons of current policies? What are the welfare effects of social media? What are the implications of ageing societies? What are the benefits of belonging to the EU or adopting the Euro? What are the benefits and costs of globalization? Why are some countries unable to escape the poverty trap?

This Bachelor of Science tackles these and many more questions. You will discover how theoretical models – simplified representations of complex phenomena – are designed to understand logical connections and cause-effect relationships among the variables affecting the economic and social environment.

The program’s multidisciplinary approach blends the study of models describing ideal rational economic behavior with an analysis of real-world behavior, allowing you to grasp an increasingly sophisticated set of economic and social issues.

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