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Bachelor Programs 2024/25 AY


In case of admission, students will receive a “RESULT” with a conditional offer via My Application. All the admitted applicants MUST refer to their own admission result for the complete list of requirements to be fulfilled within the established deadlines.

To complete their enrollment, students must provide a valid secondary school diploma (national or international) suitable for access to the 1st cycle of academic studies (i.e. Bachelor programs) in the country to which the educational system of the school refers by the end of July 2024 (August 2024 for British qualifications). The final diploma must be always provided in original, and with an official translation (in Italian or English) when required. A minimum final diploma score/grade/GPA is not required.

Diplomas released in December (i.e. South American diplomas) must be awarded in the year before the enrollment (i.e. diploma awarded in December 2023 for the enrollment to 2024/25 AY).

In order to be considered valid, all the secondary school diplomas must be awarded after at least 12 years of education (starting from the first year of primary school) and after at least 2 full years of attendance in the educational system to which the final diploma refers.
Therefore, diplomas awarded after only 1 year of attendance during an exchange/study abroad experience will not be considered valid for enrollment.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to Italian students to attend the full last year of secondary school in Italy, without skipping the Italian Maturità. American or Canadian diplomas awarded after just 1 year abroad are not valid for enrollment.

If you will be awarded with an IB Diploma, British and Irish Qualifications or American Diploma, please check on specific secondary school diploma requirements.

Diplomas awarded after 10 or 11 years of studies MUST be integrated with 2 full years of University with all the exams passed (for 10-year diplomas), or 1 full year of University with all the exams passed (for 11-year diplomas). The year/s of integration must be fulfilled in accredited and recognized Universities, with all the exams for the 1st year passed (equivalent to at least 60 ECTS per year).

Please note that University years used as integration to fulfil diploma requirements cannot be considered for credits recognition. Foundation courses are not automatically accepted and their suitability as diploma integration will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee according to the documents uploaded in the online application.

Specific Foundation courses cannot be recommended but programs with contents similar to the ones in Bocconi programs are suggested.
Any documentation referring to pre-school years can be included in the online application for further evaluation by uploading an official school certificate that confirms the year/s of attendance.

If the national system of education requires a qualifying academic exam for university admission (i.e. Gaokao, Matura, Selectividad, ENES, ENEM/Vestibular, YKS (TYT and AYT) Veveosi Prosvasis, ICFES, ATAR, Passerella Exam, etc.), applicants MUST pass/take this exam in order to enroll in Italian Universities (a minimum grade is not required). In addition, these exams are usually requested by the Italian Authorities (Embassy/Consulate/Italian Cultural Institute) in order to issue Declarations of Value and visas for study purposes.

When required in the admission result, the Declaration of Value (DoV) is a compulsory requirement for the secondary school diploma. If not requested in the admission result, non-EU applicants are kindly invited to check anyway with the Italian Authorities (Embassy/Consulate/Italian Cultural Institute) in their country if a Declaration of Value would still be required for the study visa procedure.

Please note that a Statement of Comparability issued by CIMEA (the Italian NARIC Center) is considered as a valid alternative to the declaration of value. The Statement of Comparability can be easily requested on the CIMEA website.

Bocconi reminds that the evaluation of foreign qualifications presented for enrollment to Italian higher education courses of study is under exclusive jurisdiction of higher education institutions, as established by Art. 2 of Law 148/2002. For this reason, any documentation produced by Italian diplomatic Missions or other Authorities does not affect the autonomous evaluation decisions of Bocconi University regarding foreign qualifications for admission and enrollment to courses.

This evaluation does not confer legal value to foreign diplomas. In case candidates make use of their diplomas to access another cycle of academic studies, for the participation to a public contest or for the exercise of a specific profession, the diploma recognition for such purposes must be carried out by responsible authorities.

In their decisional autonomy, Universities can decide to admit international students by evaluating their path of studies and final diploma.

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