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Regulations for the Activation and Management of Alias Identities

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff Members,

Welcome to the Alias Regulation page. Bocconi University is committed to fostering inclusion and nourishing the diversity within our community. Therefore, it is of essential importance for Bocconi to adopt policies to ensure inclusion and combat discrimination within our community.

The Alias Identity Regulation was proposed by the Committee for Inclusion, Disability and Wellbeing exactly for this purpose. Bocconi University cares for the psychological and physical well-being of members of the university community by providing support throughout the administrative procedure of their gender transition. Based on the principle of gender self-determination, the Alias Identity Regulation allows people that are gender transitioning to use a name other than their legal one when carrying out study or work activities within the University. The Regulations and FAQs below  describe how it works in practice.

Paola Profeta
Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Bocconi University

Last modified 18/01/2023 - 16:32:27