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Università Bocconi: a century at the forefront

This year marks Bocconis hundredth year of academic activity. To celebrate its centennial, the University has sceduled a special calendar of international events.

Founded in Milano in 1902 under the auspices of modernity and progress, Bocconis mission has consistently been to pursue scientific excellence in business and economic studies.

For us at Bocconi, 2002 will be the occasion to reflect upon our past and plan for a future of deeper internationalisation and socio-cultural integration, the keystones of economic progress.

With this in mind, two are the OBJECTIVES of the Centennial celebrations:

  • To celebrate and explore a century of research activity of international standing, the indispensable hallmark of quality for a major university and its teaching mission;
  • To highlight the universitys role in the economic, social and cultural development of Italy, with a special emphasis on Milano, as well as its commitment to train a modern, responsible managerial class, able to interpret and act on current trends and issues, and implement change and innovation.

On the occasion of the Centennial, the University has drafted an INITIATIVES PLAN which describes, affirms and underscore the values intrinsic to Bocconis role in and contribution to research in business, economics, and law. The University views its values as an indispensable basis to achieve teaching excellence and contribute to the development of the economy and wider society.

Yet the Centennial initiatives are not only an opportunity to reflect upon the past and highlight the results of the efforts of a century, but also provide a springboard for the launch of new, long-term activities, focusing on research, innovative teaching and the promotion of Italian and European progress, by advancing their social and economic structures.

2002: Bocconi University celebrates a century of activity (download)

The project follows THREE MAIN THEMES

  • SCIENTIFIC - This will include events such as international seminars, research panels, meetings with foreign partners (universities, institutions, companies) and testimonials from international opinion leaders:
  • HISTORICAL & CULTURAL - This will take the form of the historical exhibition "Milano: Belle Époque and the Future of Modernity", which will reconstruct the Milanese atmosphere and context of the early 1900s, a period when Bocconi and the city became ideologically united around a common goal - to embark on a common journey of progress and growing openness to the world beyond national borders.
  • CIVIC & INSTITUTIONAL - The University is working on a number of specific, targeted projects: an international congress on EU enlargement and new immigration flows, with respect to the demands of cultural, social and economic integration; a series of meetings with local, national, and international institutions, to highlight the role of scientific research as a basis for the progress of societal knowledge; meetings with Milanos foreign communities, to lay the foundations for deeper social/cultural/economic integration; meetings with entrepreneurs and their local and national organisations; an international competition of ideas titled "Bocconi University: a Campus for the Third Millennium", aimed at opening Bocconi campus to the cultural and intellectual flows of Milanese city life; a proposal for the urban renewal of the neigborhood to which Bocconi University belongs; a program of interaction with high school students and teachers to promote knowledge and awareness of economic culture.

The variety and complexity of the planned initiatives have been developed with various constituencies in mind - the international academic community, local, national and international public institutions, corporations and the entrepreneurial sector, foreign relations and partners, students and their families, high school students and the media.

For further information please contact :
Ufficio Centenario - Università Bocconi
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