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The Milanese reputation for business doesn't just end at fashion.

It is home to the country's main stock exchange - the Borsa Italiana - as well as famous designers such as Versace and Prada, and manufacturers including Pirelli.

The Center of Fashion and Design

Milan is synonymous with style and elegance. The world's fashion hub plays host to brands such as Gucci, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, and its biannual Fashion Week attracts thousands of visitors looking for the latest trends. The Quadrilatero d'Oro has a global reputation for luxury, while the city's top-end nightclubs are awash with styles dreamed up in Milan. A flair for design is evident in so many people, places and products in this town, and Design Week explodes every October if you want to get the full immersion treatment.

A Meeting Place for Industry

While Rome may be Italy's capital city, Milan is known as its financial, industrial and fashion capital. Famous brands like Alfa Romeo, Pirelli and Campari were born here. Notebook creator Moleskine carries on Milan's proud tradition for craftsmanship and design. UniCredit's home is in the tallest skyscraper in Milan, which features a curved design and a striking 84-meter spire. It is the city's reputation for business that makes Bocconi such an attractive destination for students wishing to learn more about economics, business and finance. It is also natural that Bocconi has forged solid partnerships with leading companies in Milan and the Lombardy region.

Italy's Home for Startups?

Boosted by the opening of co-working spaces such as Talent Garden and Coffice, Milan is building a name for itself as a startup hub. Bocconi has created SpeedMiUp, a startup incubator, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Milan. Each year on Bocconi Startup Day, it selects promising young entrepreneurs and their ideas for support and training. Milan is also home to the technology trade show SMAU, and a busy calendar of startup events, hacks and pitches. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Adecco also have offices in the city, making it a good place to build links with partners and clients.

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