Study Plan

First year  
Semester I
Computer Science and Database Systems  8
Statistics and Probability  8
Econometrics for Big Data  8
Business Analytics  8
Semester II  
Behavioral skills seminar  2
Innovation and Marketing Analytics  6
Machine Learning  8
Track in Business Analytics:   
   — Natural Language Processing  6
   Simulation and Modeling   8
Track in Data Science:  
   — Optimization  8
   — Computer Science (algorithms)  6
Total credits points of the first year

Second year  
Track in Business Analytics:  
   Finance with Big Data  8
   — Deep Learning for Computer Vision  6
Track in Data Science:  
   — Stochastic Processes  8
   — Machine Learning II  6
Elective 1 and 2  12
Digital Privacy Seminar  2
Foreign language  4
Internship  8
Thesis  18
Total credits points of the second year
Total credits points 120

Please note that the program structure is subject to change.

The study plan requires one European Union language.
More specifically:

  • Italian for non-Italian native speakers
  • French, Spanish, German, Portuguese for Italian native speakers

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