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Practical Ideas on How to Really Abolish Poverty

Bocconi University - Room AS03, Via Roentgen 1 - Milano
Bocconi Event

Values, Principles, and Mechanisms of Responsible Ownership (Strategic Management of Family Companies)

Bocconi University - Room 13, Via Sarfatti 25 - Milano
Bocconi Event

Financial Fair Play in Football: Does It Matter?

Bocconi University - Aula Maggiore, Via Sarfatti 25 - Milano
Bocconi Event

Conference in Honor of Francesco Giavazzi

Bocconi University - Aula Magna, Via Röntgen 1 - Milano
Bocconi Event

The Mezzogiorno, Italy, and Europe

Bocconi University - Manfredini Hall, Via Sarfatti 25 - Milano
Bocconi Event

Is There Such a Thing as Transnational Law?

Bocconi University - Room 12, via Sarfatti 25 - Milano
Bocconi Event

PhD Day 2019

Bocconi University - Room N03, Piazza Sraffa 13 - Milano
Bocconi Event

Mathematics Explained to My Neighbors

Bocconi University - Room N37, Piazza Sraffa 13 - Milano