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Constant communication with companies and professional organizations in every sector enables Bocconi to evaluate and re-evaluate the needs of the job market so that it can adjust its educational offer to best respond to them as well as to the continuous evolution of the international social and economic reality in which the university takes part.

Profiles of students and recent graduates at October 2018

Bachelor of Science Programs:

  • 7,743 students enrolled
  • 1,229 international students
    of which 52% from  non-EU  countries
  • 2,185 graduates in a.y. 2016-2017, 46.4% with study abroad experience and 33.4% with internship experience
  • 22.4 average age at graduation  

Master of Science Programs:

  • 4,016 students enrolled
  • 703 international students
    of which 50% from  non-EU  countries
  • 1,927 graduates in a.y. 2016-2017, 50.5% with study abroad experience
  • 24.9 average age at graduation  

Integrated Master of Arts in Law:

  • 1,507 students enrolled
  • 239 graduates in a.y. 2016-2017, 49% with study abroad experience and 72% with internship experience
  • 25 average age at graduation  
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