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If the personalized photo ID card is lost, stolen, damaged or if the magnetic strip no longer works you should immediately:

  1. Request deactivation of it by using the appropriate procedure through your yoU@B diary box 'YOUR STUDENT ID CARD

    The report will result in:
    - the card being blocked so that it may not be used improperly by third parties (e.g. to illegitimately take out book loans from the Library);
    - a request to issue a Bocconi Term ID Card (non banking card, which will be valid until the new Bocconi ID Card is received, which take approximately 20 days).
  2. In addition, if the card has been activated for banking operations, you should immediately contact Banca Popolare di Sondrio for card block at nr: 800.822.056 (+39 02 60843768 for international calls).

To issue the new Bocconi ID card:

  • if the card is lost or stolen a replacement fee of 26€ is charged; It is necessary to request a new card via yoU@B Diary in the MY STUDENT ID CARD box. Once the request has been submitted a message will be sent on the student diary with all the information necessaries in order to collect the student card at the One Stop Service Center.
  • if the magnetic strip no longer works or the card is damaged a replacement is free of charge only upon submission of the damaged card upon collecting the new one at the Academic Services Desk.
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