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Transfer Students a.y. 2021/22

Transfer students WITH credit recognition

The credit recognition process aims to convert credits gained at the student’s university of origin into recognized credits, registered in the Bocconi academic transcript. The credit recognition is based on the analysis of the student’s syllabus made by the course and program’s directors and is usually completed by the end of September/beginning of October. It is not possible to know the amount of recognized credits in advance.

University years used as diploma integration to reach the 12 years of studies compulsory for the enrollment to a Bachelor cannot be recognized as exam credits.


What to upload in My application

By the enrollment deadline

  • Transfer student form
  • Official syllabus of your exams
By end of August 2021
  • Final academic transcript with the complete list of exams
  • Official withdrawal document / domanda di trasferimento (for students attending an Italian university) / exmatriculation from the university of origin

Credit Recognition Request

Transfer students who request credit recognition must follow the instructions below, in order to complete their enrollment.

By the enrollment deadline:

  • In the section “Transfer student documentation” tick the option “I would like to request recognition for exams taken at the university of origin (…)”. In the section “Transfer student documentation” write the list of the exams taken AND that you are planning to take at the university of origin with name and code of the corresponding Bocconi exams. Please check the Guide to the University for exams code and syllabus details (the guide may be subject to small changes). For Bachelor Programs, you can have a look at the guide’s extracts available in the Download area (top right of this page). Please note that it is extremely important to write the exact name and code of the Bocconi exam. Candidates are invited to carefully double check before saving the section.
  • Print, sign and upload the Transfer student form available in the Print Area once the section is saved.
  • Upload the official Syllabus of the courses you ask recognition for. Be aware that if you do not upload all the syllabus by the enrollment deadline no credits will be recognized, and you will be considered as a transfer student without credit recognition.

    The syllabus must CLEARLY state the name of the course and the academic year and it must be official (i.e. they must include a stamp from the administrative office). Please also note that the Syllabus must be in English (if not available, only an official translation will be accepted).

Credit recognition request can ONLY be submitted during the enrollment period and it cannot be changed or updated at a later date. For this reason, if credit recognition is requested, all the exams must be indicated in the Transfer student form, including those that have not been taken yet.

By the end of August 2021:

Upload your final academic transcript AND the official withdrawal document / domanda di trasferimento (for students attending an Italian university) / exmatriculation from the university of origin (or a declaration certifying that the enrollment was not completed for the a.y. 2020/21).
Please note that each university internally defines methods and timelines for withdrawal and transfer request, so check these carefully with your university.

In order to check whether a language certificate can be accepted and recognized as a Bocconi exam, it is necessary to get in touch with the Bocconi Language Center and to confirm as such. In case of a positive reply, the student must forward the Language Center’s feedback to the Admissions Office.

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