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Luxury and Fashion Lab

Professor: Erica Corbellini

Course summary

Fashion is inspiration, creativity and intuition. But it is also organization, strategy and management. The fashion and luxury system is made up of many industries: textiles, clothing, handbags, beauty, eyewear, and jewels among others. The course provides tools for segmenting the fashion and luxury industries, describes key players, success factors and trends within the main segments.

Special emphasis will be put on Generation Z and Millennials as they are a rapidly growing consumer market and source of talent for fashion and luxury companies. If brands want this influential demographic on board, they need to be authentic and transparent. The millennial demographic is also the most in-touch generation so far: it is absolutely important that they feel like they are a part of something by engaging with the brands they like. Students will be asked to design a sustainable initiative for a selected fashion or luxury brand and think about the best way to communicate it. An industry expert will evaluate their output.

The learning process will be facilitated through stimulating teaching methods such as case histories, guest speakers and field projects.

Learning Objectives

The course addresses the following questions and issues:

  1. Understanding what makes fashion and luxury special
  2. Learning about the key trends in digital communication
  3. Analyzing the evolution of the customer journey and the new retail scenario
  4. Envisioning the future of sustainable fashion

Course Material: Slides and cases will be provided via e-learning platform.

Assessment Methods: Friendly qualitative feedback will be given based on the individual class participation and final presentations by small groups.

Prerequisites: No knowledge of the topic is necessary to attend this course. The course is highly interactive and we expect students who are genuinely interested in it.

The course is an introduction to our University’s interactive and hands-on approach to teaching the BSc in International Economics and Management and the BSc in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication.

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