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Bocconi Summer School for High School Students

What is "My Application"?

"My Application" is an online platform that allows students to complete and submit applications to our programs including the Summer School.

"My Application" allows the candidates to:

  • register and apply for selection rounds and for the Summer School
  • upload the documents required and provide specific information
  • check for communications and view application results
  • in case of confirmation of participation, complete the enrollment procedure.

How can I register to "My Application"?

Step 1: Registration and credentials activation
In order to access "My Application", a username and a password are compulsory and they can be obtained/created through a registration procedure. 
Please find below the compulsory steps in the registration procedure:
  1. Personal information. Please note that for non-Italian citizens, the "Italian ID" (Codice Fiscale) will be automatically calculated by the system by clicking on the button "Forward";
  2. Personal E-mail;
  3. Agreement to use of personal information;
  4. Set your password (from 8 to 20 alphanumeric characters);
  5. Summary of information and confirmation: at the end of the registration process, this summary will be displayed, showing a recap of the information and allowing you to correct any mistakes
After confirming registration, you will receive an email with your username and a link. Please click on the link only once to activate your credentials. Registration and login information are individual and non-transferable.

Step 2: Login to My Application

Required Tools

Before starting the online application, please check the availability of the following tools:

  • a desktop computer (with the Google Chrome browser installed)
  • a printer (some documents submitted in the "My Application" will need to be printed and completed)
  • a scanner (to save documents that you complete in PDF format)

Required Material

My Application requires the following documents:

  • a scan of your valid ID or passport
  • a scan of your parent/guardian ID or passport
  • official final transcripts of school year 2018-19 and official partial transcripts of school year 2019-20
  • English language certificate (optional)
  • official pdf of SAT/ACT score (optional)

How can I fill out "My Application"?

Students can apply in one of two rounds. Candidates are invite to complete the sections on My Application in the given order. Viewing and/or printing several sections depends on the previous ones.
  1. DATA AREA: Once the section is completed and saved, the gray symbol "-" will become a green tick meaning that the section is "Completed". All sections marked with an asterisk "*" are mandatory. Complete all the data sections and click on “Confirm data”.
  2. PRINT AREA: All the documents in the Print Area can be downloaded only after filling out and confirm all the Data Sections. Download the documents, print, fill and sign them. Scan the complete documents in .pdf files.
  3. UPLOAD AREA: Files may not exceed 5 MB. Avoid to upload .jpg  file; in order to attach very large files or a folder containing more than one attachment, you will need to use one .zip file. Upload all the required documents and click on “Submit application”.
  4. NOTIFICATION AREA: here you can find specific messages related to missing documents or information and the final release of admission results and confirmation of participation.

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