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Entrepreneurship Lab

Professor: Irene Dagnino

Course summary

The course examines the key aspects of the process of starting up a new business, from the business idea generation to the design of a business model, and analyzes the key factors that normally influence the chances of becoming a successful start-up.

The course will provide methods and concepts that together with application will help students to plan a start-up.

Learning Objectives

The course addresses the following questions and issues:

  1. What is a start-up
  2. Why become a start-upper
  3. How to plan a successful start-up
    • Opportunity identification
    • Market analysis
    • Business Idea Conceptualisation
    • Pitching

Prerequisites: No knowledge of the topic is necessary to attend this course. The course is highly interactive and we expect students who are genuinely interested in starting up businesses.

Course Material: Readings, slides and cases will be provided via e-learning platform.

Assessment: Friendly qualitative feedback will be given based on the individual class participation and final presentations by small groups.

The course is an introduction to our University’s interactive and hands-on approach to teaching the BSc in International Economics and Management.


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