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Communication and Advertising Lab

Professor: Arianna Brioschi, Stefano Prenestini

Course summary

The course introduces to the key managerial topic of Communication with the aim of unveiling the magical alchemy between creativity, idea development and commercial goals that leads to a successful advertising campaign.
It will provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of the Advertising industry and will help them gain acquaintance of the essential ingredients of effectively communicating a brand or service.

One key factor in communication is creating a compelling packaging for the product, the so called “silent salesman” on the shelf, thus we will take a specific in depth look at the pack and how different packs communicate different images to each customer.

The course will also provide an experiential learning approach through in class exercises and company guest speakers that will provide knowledge on the specificities of Advertising. Finally students will have the chance to express their own creativity by participating in a group field project with an important international brand that will provide us with a real world communication challenge to solve and to present at the end of the course!

Learning Objectives
The course addresses the following questions and issues:
• Understanding the specificities of Communication
• Understanding the Advertising campaign process
• Learning how to communicate effectively through a well designed packaging
• Learning how to effectively present your own communication idea

Prerequisites: No knowledge of the topic is necessary to attend this course. The course is highly interactive and we expect students who are genuinely interested in it.

Course Material
: Slides and cases will be provided via our dedicated e-learning platform day by day.

The learning process will be facilitated through stimulating teaching methods such as case histories, guest speakers and a field project.

Assessment: Friendly qualitative feedback will be given based on the individual class participation and final presentations by small groups.

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