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Get a VISA

Useful information for non EU students

A visa issued for study purposes is compulsory for your final enrollment at the University in Italy (no other type of visa will be accepted). All the procedures you completed to get admission at our university are not a substitute of the procedure required at the Italian Embassy.
Therefore you must apply to the Italian diplomatic authority nearest you and ask for a study visa in your name.
We advise you to get in touch with Italian diplomatic authorities as soon as possible (ideally upon admission), since the process is quite long and time consuming, due to the fact that it is a matter of the highest importance.
The Italian diplomatic authorities need some documents. We suggest you to always have with you:

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • a print out of Bocconi Selection result
  • a print out of Living costs letter
  • Certified photocopy of your 1st/2nd  cycle university/university-level qualification (degree, diploma, title) which allows access to 1st or 2nd level Specialized Master programmes in the awarding country and a transcript, issued by the competent academic authority, which records all the subject courses/exams included in the curriculum of your 1st/2nd  cycle H.Ed. qualification
  • proof of scholarship, if you were awarded one

Please note that the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate is the only responsible for accepting your pre-application for study visa and checking if you meet the requirements for it. For this reason, they are entitled to ask you any other additional document to support your application.

Usually they ask you also if you: have a suitable accommodation in Italy; may dispose of enough financial means to support yourself; are entitled to medical care in Italy; possess the amount of money necessary to travel back to your country, or have already purchased a valid return-ticket; master Italian language (in case you are admitted to a course taught in English, you'll be exempted from this last request).
They can also ask you to provide a "Dichiarazione di Valore in loco" relative to your University leaving qualification.
Please, in case you are facing any particular difficulties in applying for visa send an email to ammissionimu@unibocconi.it, as soon as possible, so that Admissions Office will be able to help you through the process, getting in touch directly with the appropriate diplomatic authorities and confirming your admission.

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