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MAFINRISK - Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management



In light of recent provisions issued by the Italian government and regional and local institutions, and considering that they may be further extended in May/June, we would like to inform you that the date of the admissions test for applying to Specialized Master programs is currently confirmed for 12 June. However, the University is in the process of implementing an online solution, which will enable the test to be held completely and exclusively remotely.

Further updates on the time and methods/technical specifications required for a remote test will be posted on the website as soon as possible and communicated to applicants.

The deadline to complete the online admission application remains confirmed as 3 June 2020 - 12:00 noon.

Any changes will be communicated in a timely manner.

Mafinrisk XVII Edition, September 2020 - September 2021

The Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management is a Specialized Master program taught entirely in English. It focuses specifically on quantitative finance and risk management and covers a broad spectrum of technical financial applications. Finance requires a rigorous math oriented and flexible mind. Mafinrisk offers a blend of theory, practical knowledge and technical skills, giving students a sound basis to manage the world of quantitative finance and preparing them for success in the workplace. Mafinrisk is a full-time program with an extensive range of fundamentals, core courses and electives. It will allow you to pursue your passion for finance using a rigorous and skills-based approach and will offer you a framework of new skills, highly focused course content as well as an international perspective.

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Program Director
Anna Battauz

September 2020 -  September 2021

For information:
tel. +39 02 5836.5979
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  • Emilio Pappalardo (Italy) - Junior Portfolio Manager
    "What I find unique about the program is its broad range of topics, from Asset Management to Financial Econometrics, from Risk Management to Financial Statements Analysis. The different courses introduced me to the most widely used asset allocation models and gave me the tools to evaluate a large variety of financial instruments"
  • Artem Chernichin (Russia) - Global Markets Analyst
    "My year at Mafinrisk gave me a very unique life experience. Practice-oriented projects and teamwork with very different people helped me cultivate skills which are very important in a modern banking setting. Comprehensive pricing, modeling and statistical courses introduced me to techniques and approaches that are widely used in the industry. "
  • Corstian Ten Hoor (The Netherlands) - Junior Quantitative Analyst
    "It has been one of the best decisions of my life to choose Mafinrisk. The program has provided me with the right tools in financial mathematics, derivatives pricing theory and risk management, and has optimally prepared me for my job as Quant Analyst in a derivatives trading firm."
  • Chiara Inserra (Italy) Risk Analyst
    "Mafinrisk provided me with a proper career profile to work in the Risk Management field. On one hand, technical courses helped me to improve my coding reporting skills and critical thinking, on the other hand, class presentations improved my public speaking and information synthesis skills."