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Health Care Service

All international students are required to have appropriate insurance.
They have the right to access the Italian National Health Service (SSN)
, even though it is possible to choose among different options of health insurance.
In Italy, the National Health Care System is provided by a public national health care service (SSN – Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). If you are a non-EU student, you need to get a valid Permit of Stay before you apply for the service offered by the ATS (local branch of the National Health Care Service).

The National Health Service provides a number of health services free of charge at the point of use (taxpayer-funded), in public medical centers or certified private ones:

  • basic medical care (free of charge): to choose a local General Practitioner (family doctor) you should contact the ATS
  • laboratory tests in a medical center or hospital
  • ambulance service and emergency doctor on call
  • free hospitalization and treatment (including laboratory tests, diagnostic examinations, surgery, therapy and medication during hospitalization)
  • reduced charges for medicines covered by the SSN

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles EU students to benefit of medically necessary health treatments but for a complete health coverage they should obtain the S1 form from the healthcare institution in their home country PRIOR to their arrival in Italy.

If you are living in Milan, you can register with the SSN free of charge visiting one of the ATS “ufficio scelta e revoca” (local health offices) in Milan.

To register, take the following documents with you:

  • declaration of enrollment in a PhD program
  • Italian univocal ID number ("codice fiscale")
  • copy of the passport/ID card
  • S1 form (issued by the health authority in the EU country where you are entitled to healthcare)

You should also communicate the name of the General Practitioner of your choice.
If you do not have the European Health Insurance Card or the S1 form, you can voluntarily register with the SSN upon payment of a subscription fee following the same procedure as Non-EU students (see below).

Non-EU students must hold a health insurance (or a health insurance payment receipt) in order to apply for the Permit of Stay. The Permit of Stay will not be valid for a period longer than the one covered by your health insurance (the Permit of Stay has a maximum validity of 12 months).

Before leaving their home country, Non-EU students are strongly recommended to purchase a private health insurance policy with international validity certified by the Italian Diplomatic Representative abroad and translated into Italian or English; if you are not insured, you might consider to purchase WAI ITALY (Welcome Association Italy, former INA ASSITALIA).
For further information visit: https://www.waitaly.net/en/ or call +39 06-36.11.676 .
You will be required to register in order to receive a username and be allowed to pay the fee: € 71.00 for 6 months of coverage or € 120.00 for 12 months of coverage. It covers emergencies (that means that expenses are covered only if you are admitted to hospital by ambulance or through the emergency room), but it also provides a few extra services for 3 times a year each. Please note that the policy will be valid only after applying for the permit of stay. Please read carefully the terms and conditions.

In order to receive complete medical assistance (and benefit from the same services as Italian citizens) you need to apply for health coverage at the  ATS (local branch of the National Health Care Service).
This insurance is valid one calendar year (January 1st - December 31st).
In order to register with the SSN, go to any post office (www.posteitaliane.it), fill in a blank payment form with the following data and pay 149,77 €: c/c postale n.: 379222 – Intestato to: Amministrazione P.T. Regione Lombardia - Causale: iscrizione volontaria SSN.

Once you have carried out the payment, you can use the payment receipt to apply for the Permit of Stay. After applying for the Permit of Stay, and if you are living in Milan, you can register with the SSN visiting one of the ATS “ufficio scelta e revoca” (local health offices) in Milan.

To register, take the following documents with you:

  • declaration of enrollment in a PhD program
  • Permit of Stay application receipt
  • Italian univocal ID number ("codice fiscale")
  • copy of your passport
  • receipt of the payment for the SSN subscription

If there is a health assistance agreement between your country and Italy which entitles you to access the Italian National Health Service for free, get the agreement documentation from the Italian Embassy/Consulate and, once in Italy, submit it to the closest ATS office.
For more information: access the SSN.

A nursing service is available at the Residenza Bocconi in Via Bocconi 12. It is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm and can be accessed by everyone in the Bocconi community. The service can also be contacted by phone calling +39 02 5836 3015.

In case of an emergency, you should call the Ambulance Service: tel. 118.
As an alternative, you can also go to an Emergency Room at one of the hospitals in the city, where primary care is given in urgent and emergency cases. Priority is not given according the order of arrival, but according to the seriousness of the emergency. Emergency Room care is free of charge for all emergency situations, while a ticket fee must be paid for non-urgent cases.


If you ever need to consult a physician at night or during public holidays, you can call the      Emergency Medical Service at the number +39 02.34567. This service, called "Guardia Medica" in Italian, is free of charge and is operational at night from 8pm to 8am, on Saturdays from 10am to 8pm and on national holidays and Sundays from 8am to 8pm.
Based on descriptions of the sick person's condition, physicians are able to prescribe necessary medication for urgent treatments and, in the most serious cases, they can even provide emergency services, and in some cases make house calls. Please note: the service is normally offered in Italian.


Whenever you need to purchase medicine after the normal pharmacy opening hours, you can:

  • call the toll free number 800.801185 (“Pronto Farmacia”, in Italian), which provides information on pharmacies and their opening hours in the City and Province of Milan, available 24 hours a day
  • find out where night pharmacies are located by looking at the bulletin board posted outside the nearest pharmacy
  • go to one of the two pharmacies always open in Milan: at the Central Station or at Porta Garibaldi station.


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