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Program Structure

This program builds on the technical and managerial excellence of two leading universities, Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano, offering a unique set of interdisciplinary skills to transition companies toward a sustainable business and management approach. It is based on a complementary blend of each university’s strengths: Politecnico provides top-flight technological training, while Bocconi shares its expertise on the strategic and economic fronts.

The MSc provides the interdisciplinary and hybrid skills needed to face the complex challenges of environmental and social sustainability.

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First Year

Semester I - at Bocconi

Economics and Management Fundamentals - 4 courses

  • Corporate Sustainability Strategies and Governance
  • Sustainable Finance and ESG Investing
  • Impact and Sustainability Measurement
  • Environmental Economics and Climate Change

Tools and Methods

  • Sustainable Leadership seminar
  • ESG Law

The aim of this semester is to strengthen the fundamentals of sustainability management and economics.

Semester II - at Politecnico di Milano

Enabling Technologies Fundamentals – 4 courses

  • Materials Towards Circular Economy
  • Ecological Processes, Environmental Impacts and Transition Towards Sustainability
  • Technologies for the Energy Transition Towards Sustainability
  • Designing Sustainable Cities

Tools and Methods

  • Critical Thinking and Complex Decision Making seminar
  • Innovation for Sustainability

Foreign language (lessons only)

The scope of this semester is to delve into the fundamentals of key enabling technologies for sustainability transition.

Second Year

Semester I - at Bocconi and Semester II - at Politecnico di Milano

Tools and Methods

  • Business and Marketing Plan Workshop
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Data Analytics for Sustainability 
  • Sustainable Operations & Supply Chain Management

Personalized path

  • Diversity and Global Policy - 1st sem.
    Technologies and Systems for Sustainable Mobility
  • Electives on key enabling technologies for sustainability transition, theoretical methods and practical tools for sustainability management and entrepreneurship (to be chosen among a set of Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano courses)

Foreign language


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