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Program Director Francesco Perrini

At a time in which major environmental and social challenges have become central for any type of business, Bocconi University and Politecnico di Milano have each leveraged their own unique areas of expertise to design a joint degree with an integrated and innovative perspective on sustainability.

This cutting-edge program combines fields of a technical nature (technologies for the environment, energy, mobility and circularity) with the fields in the social sciences (management, economics and quantitative and legal disciplines) that are needed to manage “just sustainable transition” within organizations.

The MSc in Transformative Sustainability is an internationally-oriented program that aims to provide students with the knowledge and the tools needed for:

  • transitioning companies toward a sustainable business and management approach, through the innovation of products, processes, systems and business models supported by technological advancements
  • understanding the influence of ESG criteria on governance, management and financial and investment decisions.

In this transformation, technologies are a fundamental enabling factor: technology must be guided by an innovation process that starts from a vision and objectives and takes into account all the variables that characterize the business model and processes of companies.

The program aims to combine the capability of strategic vision on sustainability – the why – with expertise in enabling science and technologies and processes – the what – through mediation of innovation and design methodologies – the how. In this way, the whole innovation path within sustainability is addressed from strategic planning to execution.

New experts with multidisciplinary expertise are needed to drive the transformation of organizations toward sustainability. The program aims to prepare professional figures who know how to:

  • recognize and understand the transformations required by sustainability in the main business processes
  • outline and guide systemic innovation processes that:
    • focus on scientific and technological innovation, but also on the organization, management and business model of the company itself ("meso" level of mediation between strategy and technology)
    • focus on the company, but also on a broader system, which sees collaboration with other external parties, or the main stakeholders and actors who can bring together the different skills needed to face complex challenges
    • focus on environmental variables, but also take into account the social and economic impacts of the transition

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