Vodafone University Contest


Vodafone will be one of the first operators to bring the NFC system to Italy (a communication chip inserted into smartphones), and to do so it will have to persuade dealers to update their checkout systems.

The challenge
Students must convince retailers that investing in new technology that is able to provide detailed information on clients is worthwhile.

Project winners:

  • DressApp 
  • Vodafone Campus

Team made up of: Luca Filippi, Giovanna Galati, Roberta Gigante, Matilde Lucheschi, Ivan Parenti and Nicolò Scala.
App aimed at well-known clothing chain Zara based on the idea of sharing as an incentive to generate trust. It’s a smartphone app that combined NFC functions with those used in new social networks developed ad hoc and it allows users to create a virtual closet that is always up-to-date to be shared online.

Vodafone Campus
Team made up of: Elena Maggioni, Emilie Demichele, Carlotta Romeo, Silvia Cioppi and Florestano Compagno.
The idea behind the project is that of taking advantage of NFC technology to improve efficiency and services on the Bocconi campus.

The winning element of the two was an ability to combine the technological innovation generated by NFC with the “human” side of social networks. The following video (in Italian) includes the company’s comments regarding the evolution of the purchasing experience.

Working with highly qualified company directors was a great inspiration for the students who had the opportunity to put their professional skills to the test. 
Boris Durisin faculty member who mentored projects with Deborah Raccagni and Paola Cillo

The Vodafone Contest represents an interesting opportunity for students, because it allowed them to work on concrete issues and to find out, in part through direct contact with Vodafone managers (such as the Head of Business Development Massimiliano de Carolis, Marketing Director Andrea Duilio, Human Resources Director Gianluca Ventura, Development and Organization Director Elisabetta Caldera and the Head of Employer Branding Laura Grasso) which difficulties and obstacles must be tackled in order to transform an idea into a useful proposition that is attractive to a certain market.  
Paola Cillo

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