Fiat 500 Project


This field project was carried out within the Strategic Marketing and Marketing Plan course, held as part of the MSc in Marketing Management.
The project required participants to choose an industrial product or service, for which a marketing strategy needed to be developed after studying its characteristics, the market of reference, competitors and the sector the product would be inserted.

Team included: Giulia Abrile, Daniele Capozucca, Davide Colombo, Eleonora Lucamante, Livia Pirro, Claudia Uboldi, Marco Vitelli


The choice was for a successful automobile: the Fiat 500 which was used to develop a customization strategy.

The chosen target was the private segment, which has decreased over recent years, but which is more sensitive to this kind of initiative. We created a questionnaire to investigate awareness of the product by those who already own it.
Using the results gathered, a strategy aimed at feasibility and practicability was created. Overturning the point of view and shifting attention from the technological or functional capabilities of the accessory making up the design of accessory packets based on content offered, to the needs of the final consumer, with topic-based packets created able to meet the needs of several specific clusters of clients (mothers, business, sport, vintage and glamour). To create the packets, the knowledge base of already patented accessories chosen by consumers before the launch of the model in 2007 was tapped.           
The proposal was appreciated within the company, and embraced at the Fiat Mirafiori location, where we presented our project to several managers in the web marketing division who, impressed by the value of the observations we made and the strength of the proposal, congratulated us on the suggested implementation.

Daniele Capozucca, team member

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