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Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Advanced – Campus Abroad 2012 (Singapore – National University of Singapore)


GSMA and Telecom Italia are exploring new opportunities to support and promote the adoption of NFC-based services in Italy and worldwide. In particular, Telecom Italia is focused on driving the standardized deployment of mobile NFC using the SIM as a secure element to provide authentication, security and portability across many different handsets.

Telecom Italia wants to set the right ecosystem with relevant partners across other industries (e.g. payment, retail, transportation, advertising) to build up a solid playground for service innovation based on NFC-enabled terminals.

Winning project

The aim of the work is to explore an innovative and useful usage of NFC technology. Through an update of multimedia systems already adopted by the two major groups of Italian cinema (UCI and The Space), it will be possible to revolutionize consumers’ experience. Customers can select and purchase their tickets by paying with a simple tap of the phone, avoiding boring queues at the box office. They will also be able to book snacks and drinks, which will be received at their seats during the break.

The collaboration with the company has been very fruitful and useful, involving students on concrete issues. This significantly increased the commitment from the students with the investigation and debate of topics covered in the course.”
Margherita Pagani, Professor of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Advanced

 “NFC technology combined with mobile devices is configured as a powerful enabler of new services that allow users to access information, make payments, buy electronic tickets and receive coupons directly from mobile phones. The plethora of new NFC-based services will provide a new driving force for the business and economic development. The collaboration with the students was very insightful to capture new ideas”
Raffaele De Peppe, Telecom Italia

“Personally speaking I found that the project on Near Field Communication proposed by Telecom Italia was very interesting for several reasons. For sure, one of the first has been my passion for technology, the world of the Internet and the great potential that it offers; in addition, having carried out this work in a location like Singapore certainly gave me the opportunity to get closer to a culture that is strongly linked to the evolution of technology, for example all taxis have the NFC system for payments. 
For these reasons I found my experience very interesting, important and fundamental to both my studies in Marketing Management and my personal interests.”
Giorgia Yasmine Rocca, student

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