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I’m interested in the MSc in IM and in being part of a Double Degree program, but I don’t know which one to choose. What are the main differences?
The MSc in IM offer three different Double Degree programs: the regular program, the CEMS MIM program and the China MIM program. All programs will grant you the Bocconi MSc in IM degree plus another degree.
The three programs offer different kinds of experiences:

  • The regular program is particularly suitable for those students who have strong preferences for a particular location/university.
  • The CEMS MIM program is suggested for those students who are more interested in the program and in being part of a multinational “club” of students, rather than the location/institution to which they will be assigned to. At the end of the program, all CEMS students will have the same degree, regardless of the institution where they spend their second year.
  • The China MIM program is suggested for those students who have a strong interest in China. As a matter of fact, all students should have such an interest in this country: China is a formidable economic force in the international arena and current or future managers could not ignore the impact of China on the global business landscape. By allowing students to live in this country for one year, this program provides a full immersion in a different social and cultural context.

There are also some other basic differences in terms of:

  • Timing of application: The applications for the special programs (CEMS/China) should be made during the admissions process. The applications for the regular program will be possible only after enrollment, during the first year.
  • Period abroad: In the regular program and in the CEMS MIM program, students spend their second year abroad. In the China MIM program, students spend their first year abroad.
  • Individual/Class experience: In the regular program, Bocconi students are not part of a special class of students: they select and attend courses together with all the other students in the host university. In the CEMS MIM program, Bocconi students are part of the CEMS students: they attend courses together with other CEMS students from other institutions and with local students of the host university. In the China MIM program, students are part of a special class made up of other Bocconi students, LUISS students and local Fudan students. Courses are taught by Bocconi, LUISS, and Fudan instructors.

I am currently working, can I attend IM as a part-time student?
During their first year, students are expected to attend classes and to participate in class activities, which - in many courses - are important components of the final grades. In the first-year courses there will be no distinction between attending and not-attending students in terms of exams. Students that, for any reason, decide not to attend classes or participate in the required activities will likely be penalized in their grades. For the same reason, curricular internships must take place only upon completion of students’ course work in their first year of study.

There are different options related to the MSc in IM. How do I express my choices in the online application?
In the online application, you can express five choices (ranked in terms of your preferences) from among the different MSc programs offered at Bocconi.
In the case of the MSc in IM, you have three options: IM, CEMS MIM and China MIM. Each of these options is independent and you can select more than one. For example, if you are interested in both the MSc in IM and the MSc in Finance, you could express the following choices: 1) CEMS MIM; 2) IM; 3) Finance; etc. 

I am interested in one of the special programs (CEMS MIM and/or China MIM). If not admitted, will I be considered for the regular IM program?
Only if you also select the IM option. If you select only the CEMS MIM and/or China MIM option and you are not admitted, then you will not be considered for the regular IM program.

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