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China MIM Program

In accordance with the Academic Partners, due to the current international situation, the program is suspended until further notice.

Academic Director Fabrizio Perretti

China MIM is a two-year, Double Degree MSc program in International Management delivered jointly by Bocconi University and the leading Chinese institution, Fudan School of Management.

The program responds to a rising demand for talented and multicultural individuals, with the skills to thrive in tomorrow's global business environment and to develop a deep understanding of China’s business practices and culture.

By living in China for one year, this program provides a full immersion not only in one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies, but also in a different social and cultural context. Spending one year in Shanghai at Fudan and one year in Milan at Bocconi will give you the opportunity to observe and to acquire a two-world mindset and perspective on the economy, business and society.

At the end of the program you will be awarded both the MSc degree in International Management issued by Bocconi University and the Master of Internatioanl Business issued by the Fudan School of Management.

China MIM graduates will enter the workforce not only with the credentials and skills provided by a strong academic background, but also enriched by a cross-cultural interpersonal experience.

Please note that:

  • The program targets third-year Bachelor students who will graduate: 
    - by June 2021 if coming from international universities  
    - by July 2021 if graduating at Bocconi and Italian universities
  • Admission to the program will take place at the same time as admission to the MSc program
  • Students whose nationality belongs to the Greater China Region (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) cannot apply for this Double Degree program
  • Students selected for the Double Degree program will not be required to pay any tuition fee to the host institution, but must pay an administrative contribution to Bocconi
  • Before arrival in Shanghai and throughout the duration of the two-year program, Bocconi University will guarantee to all China MIM students assistance, support and coordination with the Fudan University office
  • Students participating in the China MIM program should arrive in Shanghai for the start of the program in the second half of August.

China MIM Study Plan

China MIM is one of the oldest Double Degree programs between a Chinese and a European university in the field of management. The agreement for this Double Degree was signed on 4 July 2005 in Beijing by the Chinese Minister of Education and the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, who issued a joint statement on educational cooperation. The two countries decided to develop a collaborative project in higher learning delivered jointly by three universities: Fudan University (China), Bocconi University (Italy) and LUISS (Italy).

The first year takes place in Shanghai at Fudan School of Management (FDSM). Founded in 1905, Fudan University is one of the most prestigious universities in China and one of the most internationally oriented Chinese institutions. It boasts a student body of over 36,000 students and a faculty of nearly 2,100, many whom belong to the "Chinese Academy of Sciences."
It is a comprehensive institution with 17 schools, 70 departments, over 150 PhD programs, 25 research centers, nearly 70 undergraduate degree courses and around 210 graduate degree programs.

Fudan University is located in Shanghai, China's hallmark in terms of progress, growth and ambition. Shanghai also boasts a unique, engaging and dynamic international environment within China, which features the presence of both thriving local enterprises and international companies offering an incredibly wide range of placement and development opportunities.

During your first year, you will be part of a class of 80 students: 30 students selected by Bocconi University, 35 students selected by Fudan School of Management, and 15 students selected by LUISS.
The class is mostly composed of Chinese and Italian students. International students are usually 20-25% of Bocconi students.

The focus of the first year is on China and to put you in a Chinese context, not an international one. You will be exposed to a much more international class group in your second year at Bocconi. Nevertheless, Fudan School of Management and Fudan University host many international programs and students, and Shanghai is a global city where you can find a lively international environment.
Since Italian is a required second foreign language for non-Italian native speakers, international students can also benefit from interactions with their Italian classmates. 

While in China, Bocconi students will have access to the Bocconi Desk based in Shanghai, which assists prospective students by providing them with information and assistance and helps enrolled students during their stay.

Bocconi students interested in finding an internship in China will also have the opportunity to attend an exclusive recruiting event where they can meet potential employers.

Currently, students may only obtain an internship visa by studying in China for two semesters. Therefore, thanks to the China MIM program, students will have the unique opportunity to experience the work environment in China.

The second year takes place in Milan at Bocconi University and is designed to tailor your experience according to your own preferences and career goals.

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First Year (at Fudan)

The first year at Fudan University is designed to provide you the fundamental concepts of International Management, with a focus on the Chinese context, through the following core courses and seminars:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Accounting & Performance Measurement 
  • Corporate Law
  • People Management
  • International Business Strategic Management
  • Evolution in International Business
  • Global Economic Perspectives
  • Quantitative Methods for Management
  • Managerial Competencies
  • Primary Chinese Language*

 * FDSM only provides a basic language course for the China MIM program. For advanced learners, FDSM will offer instructions on how to audit Mandarin courses available in other schools and programs at Fudan University. If such courses are not available or overlap with the core courses, students are advised to seek outside professional institutions for private courses.

Most of the courses are taught by Fudan faculty, while some courses are taught by Bocconi and LUISS faculty.
All courses are taught in English and will follow FDSM rules in terms of grading, exam dates and guidelines.

Second Year (at Bocconi)

The second year is structured around the following components:

  • 1 compulsory core course (Supply chain management)
  • 3 electives
  • Foreign languages (two languages):
    • First foreign language: English
    • Second foreign language: Italian for students who are not Italian native speakers

Please see the Guides to the University for regulations on the minimum entry and exit levels valid for current students in 2020-2021.

  • Enhancing Experience - Curricular Supplementary Activities
  • Internship (compulsory)
  • Thesis: China MIM students have special thesis requirements from Fudan University (details will be provided by FDSM during the first year)

Highlights: Specific Admissions


Fudan School of Management

This video provides a quick overview of the business school in Shanghai.

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