China MIM Program


Academic Director Fabrizio Perretti

Organized jointly by Bocconi and Fudan University, this innovative double MSc degree offers an outstanding opportunity for graduate students. The first year is spent at the School of Management of Fudan University (Shanghai) with a focus on developing deep knowledge and skills in the key areas of business with a focus on the Chinese market. The second year is at Bocconi University, where students decide a specialization by selecting four courses within a wide range of electives, integrating study abroad opportunities and at least one international internship.

The program offers the following benefits:

  • It responds to a rising demand for talented people who understand how to do business in both the East and the West
  • It provide students with a strong knowledge and understanding of Europe and China from both a business management and a cultural perspective
  • Students gain essential knowledge of the market and business skills that can be transferred directly to companies operating in the two markets or interested in internationalizing and creating professionals able to fill such a gap in the marketplace
  • Graduates obtain two graduate degrees through studying at two prestigious universities in China and in Europe.

Note that:

  • the program targets third-year Bachelor students who will graduate:
    - by June 2019 if coming from international universities 
    - by July 2019 if graduating at Bocconi and Italian universities
  • Admission to the program will take place at the same time as admission to the MSc program.
    Students holding a Chinese passport cannot apply for this Double Degree program.
  • Students participating in the China MIM Program will have to pay an administrative contribution due to personalized services and assistance
  • Students participating in the China MIM Program should arrive in Shanghai for the start of the program in the second half of August.


Project History

The agreement on this double degree was made public on 4 July 2005 in Beijing by Zhou Ji, Chinese Minister of Education and Letizia Moratti, Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, who issued a joint statement on educational cooperation.

In the agreement, the two countries decided to develop a collaborative project in higher learning. The universities involved are Fudan University from China and Bocconi University and LUISS Guido Carli from Italy. Students and faculty from LUISS will be involved during the students' first year, when they are at Fudan.

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