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CEMS MIM Study Plan

In the first year, students are provided with the fundamental concepts of International Management through core courses and seminars that all feature  highly interactive methodology and are largely based on individual work in  addition to teamwork.

The Master lasts approximately one academic year (from September to October of the following year). The study plan requires students to successfully attend courses abroad and in Italy throughout the year. They must also participate in – and complete – all additional CEMS and Bocconi activities.

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First Year (at Bocconi)

Main topics:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Geopolitics and Business
  • Macroeconomics
  • Organization
  • Marketing Decisions
  • International Finance
  • Principles of Business Analytics
  • Performance Measurement
  • International Comparative Business Law
  • Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Second Year (at CEMS partner university and at Bocconi)

  • Block seminar, an intensive one-week seminar on innovative management topics. Students generally attend the Block Seminar in their semester 1 destination (or at a third school, upon special request). The host school may require that students pay a contribution towards board and lodging for this activity
  • Global Strategy
  • Other CEMS courses
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Citizenship Seminar, scheduled in semester 2, the course consists of 2 consecutive mandatory days.
  • Business project, an in-field group project. Multinational student teams solve a real company business problem in a consultancy-style project. At the same time, students develop competencies in process management, result-orientation, and team building. The project, which should be completed in approximately two months’ time, is supervised by both a company representative and a professor. The Business Project is done during the second semester at the university where the student is studying.
  • Skill seminars, training seminars jointly organized by the university and companies. The aim is to give students the essential skills to work effectively in an international management environment; emphasis is placed on skills such as communication, teamwork and presentations. Skill seminars should be taken both at the home school or and at the host school over the two semesters.

Internship abroad: a full-time consecutive period of at least 8 weeks within a company. The internship cannot overlap with the academic term during the MIM year, therefore it must take place during the summer prior to or after the MIM, or a different time depending on the academic calendar.

Foreign languages
All CEMS MIM graduates must have language competence in three languages, one of which is English.
The minimum language requirements are the following:

  • Language 1: English
    Mother tongue or Proficiency 
  • Language 2: any language
    Mother tongue or B1 oral / B1 written level 
  • Language 3: any language
    Mother tongue or elementary level

All Bocconi CEMS MIM students must also meet specific Bocconi language requirements. For more information, see the Guide to the University.


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