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Career Opportunities

Students graduating from this Master of Science typically pursue careers with an international outlook. In particular, two main professional profiles will be developed: Management Specialists and Consultants for both international and national companies.

Management Specialists

According to the personalization of their study plan, graduates may be involved in management activities at companies operating in global markets and/or multicultural contexts within a specific organizational unit – e.g. marketing department, accounting/finance department, planning and control department, human resources department, operations department, etc. Taking advantage of their knowledge and skills, graduates can effectively contribute to carrying out current business activities as well as designing and implementing new projects in fast-paced and everchanging competitive systems. Graduates may perform the following activities: business development, marketing management, accounting/financial management, performance measurement, human resources management and global supply chain management.

Graduates are trained to work within companies of any size, public or private institutional structures, as well as startups or established businesses. They are particularly fit for companies with an international outreach and a strong focus on international markets and international organizations.


Graduates may be involved in analyzing the unique characteristics and attributes of companies, delving into their internal processes and assessing the competitive landscape of the international markets they operate in. Based on these analyses, graduates can contribute to supporting companies in various kinds of projects, including: defining competitive and corporate strategies, defining organizational structures and processes, optimizing the supply chain, and enhancing accounting and control systems.

Graduates are trained to work at management consulting firms operating at the national/international level to support and implement strategic, marketing, financial and organizational decisions.

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