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Masterclasses 2021-2022

At Bocconi University learning is blended. With the future.
New technologies are always part of our up-to-date teaching process.

Get a sneak peek of the Bocconi learning experience by attending our live Masterclasses focused on today’s hottest topics and hosted by our outstanding faculty.

These 4 interactive lessons feature an interdisciplinary approach, giving you the unique opportunity to delve into current issues and interact with peers and top Bocconi professors.

Past Events

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Management - 28 October

How Established Firms Can Use Technology to Make the World More Sustainable
28 October 6 pm CET - Click here to check your timezone

Markus Venzin
Dean for Innovation
Full Professor of Global Strategy

The lesson
This session will start with a focus on how the pressure for more sustainability and the promise of digital transformation – and tech transformation more in general – forces mature companies to embrace activities of corporate entrepreneurship, either through developing ideas from inside the firm or by engaging with startups early enough to team up with them. But such corporate entrepreneurship initiatives can only develop if firms manage to boost their entrepreneurial energy to compensate for market and firm uncertainties. 

Political Science - 24 January

Democracy, Populism and the Future of International Cooperation
24 January 6pm CET - Click here to check your timezone

Catherine De Vries
Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Full Professor of Political Science

The lesson
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a true stress test for political systems across the globe. In an effort to suppress the virus, governments resorted to extraordinary and often draconian measures, such as restrictions on individual movement, physical distancing requirements, and border closures, to name a few. While these measures were extraordinary, so was the first public response to them. Incumbents around the globe experienced rising popularity. Yet this didn't always last. Indeed, the extraordinary and draconian measures to curb the virus may carry risks for the future. For one, while closing down private businesses or school closures might have been necessary from an epidemiological perspective, they exacerbate existing economic inequality and social exclusion. This could prove very damaging in the long term and fuel a revival of populism. What’s more, draconian measures may provide a pretest to encroach further on fundamental democratic rights. There is a danger that such sweeping executive powers could lead to a lasting erosion of key liberal democratic norms in society. Against this backdrop, we will discuss the future for democracy, populism and international cooperation as countries aim to move out of the pandemic.

Finance - 24 February

Cybercrime, Secrecy, and Trust
24 February 6pm CET - Click here to check your timezone

Hannes Wagner
Associate Professor of Finance

The lesson
Cybercrime frequently interacts with financial markets and institutions. New types of crime, sophistication, and truly global scale make cybercrime a top concern for the economy as a whole. At the same time, hacking and data breaches are accelerating, leading to an unprecedented assault on the existing (financial) plumbing. In this Masterclass, we will address the outlook for trust and secrecy in financial markets, how distributed ledgers and blockchain may or may not offer solutions, and we will draw conclusions for skills and the jobs of the future.

Data Science - 30 March

Can We Hack Democracy?
30 March 6pm CEST - Click here to check your timezone

Gaia Rubera
Head of the Department of Marketing
Amplifon Chair in Customer Science
Full Professor of Marketing

The lesson
This Masterclass aims to discuss how the combination of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Social Media could jeopardize democracy. We will discuss the Cambridge Analytica case, use of social bots in infodemics and why it is challenging for current Machine Learning models to detect them. We conclude with a discussion of the latest perils that AI poses, such as deepfakes.

Sustainability - 2 May

Transformative Sustainability
2 May 6pm CEST - Click here to check your timezone

Stefano Pogutz
Head of Vertical on Sustainability at B4i Bocconi for Innovation
Researcher with Tenure

The lesson
Business organizations are embedded in social-ecological systems, and their activities impact and depends on social-ecological processes, dynamics and resilience. This session aims to illustrate the implications of planetary challenges – e.g. climate change, inequality, resource scarcity – on business. We will address how business can integrate sustainability into strategy processes and generate value, moving from a compliance perspective to a transformative approach, where the corporate goal is to create a positive impact on society and the environment, and sustainability guides innovation processes along the entire value chain.

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