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Our Research Network

The ASK Centre for Research on Art, Science and Knowledge focuses on economics and management of the arts and culture and completes research in the same fields of knowledge pertaining to the MSc in Economics and Management of Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment. MSc students therefore have the opportunity to collaborate with ASK on field projects concerning the management of culture and the arts. 

The ASK Research Centre studies cultural heritage and production in contemporary art, media and entertainment industries. It promotes and manages research studies on demand by private and public institutions, grants for basic research programs, and academic research, coordinating researchers from different Bocconi departments, as well as researchers directly engaged by the Centre or from other universities. It aims to enhance its collaborative network in the perspective of building a European-based knowledge and competencies platform. ASK integrates economics and various dimensions of cultural and artistic activity, developing research and training activities in the fields of: Art Market and Cultural Production, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Industries (media), Performing Arts and Entertainment.

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