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Program Structure

This program builds on the technical and managerial excellence of two leading universities, Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano, offering a unique set of interdisciplinary skills to strategically assess, govern and manage cyber related opportunities and risks. It is based on a complementary blend of each university’s strengths: Politecnico provides top-flight technological training, while Bocconi shares its expertise on the strategic and economic fronts.
The program is highly interdisciplinary, by necessity, considering that computer technology increasingly affects almost every facet of modern life. It brings together several key knowledge areas to govern cyber risk.

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First Year

First Semester  at Politecnico di Milano

Prep courses in Computer Science, Management and Economics, Statistics

Seminar: Introduction to cyber risk  (@Bocconi)

4 compulsory courses (@Polimi)

  • Software methodologies and architectures for security – module 1 (Enterprise ICT architecture) and module 2 (Software engineering methodologies for security)
  • Cybersecurity technologies, procedures and policies
  • Artificial intelligence for security
  • Technology governance

The aim of this semester is to strengthen competencies in the fields of computer science to set the base for a solid professional development in cyber risks

Second Semesterat Bocconi

Seminar: Social engineering (@Polimi)

4 compulsory courses (@Bocconi)

  • Strategy and governance for cyber risk
  • Cyber risk and data protection law
  • Methods and data analytics for risk assessment
  • Institutional scenarios of cyber risk

The scope of this semester is to enhance the tool kit needed to frame cyber security issues, set the appropriate strategies and govern their complexity in organizational environments.

Second Year

2 Seminars

  • Ethical aspects of security and privacy (@ PoliMI)
  • Soft skills (@Bocconi)

4 electives to be chosen among a selected group of courses held by both Bocconi (in 1st semester) and Politecnico (in 2nd semester) in the following topics:

  • Data protection
  • Business and cyber intelligence
  • Blockchain and cryptoassets
  • Machine learning in cyber risks
  • Computer forensics
  • Fintech models

Foreign language


Please note: The study plan requires one European Union language. More specifically:

  • Italian for non-Italian native speakers
  • French, Spanish, German, Portuguese for Italian native speakers

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