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Greta Nasi

Program Director

The world is changing fast, and the role of technologies is shaping firms and institutions. In such turbulent environments, professionals have to cope with emerging opportunities and challenges to be able to steer their organizations with the right set of competencies and skills. This Master program builds on the technical and managerial excellence of two leading universities, offering a unique set of interdisciplinary skills to strategically assess, govern and manage cyber related opportunities and risks.

It brings together several key knowledge areas to govern cyber risk. Firstly, it offers technical competencies in the fields of computer science and technology, crucial to a deep understanding of the cyber world. Then it reviews managerial, legal and economic principles to place cyber risk into context. Students also practice the soft skills required to communicate cyber challenges and shepherd solutions through to completion.

The Master of Science in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance is a one-of-a-kind program that considers cyber issues as assets that deserve adequate attention by all institutions and organizations.

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