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Career Opportunities

This MSc program is built to prepare students to enter the job market in firms, financial institutions, other institutions in public/private sectors as well as consulting companies, with two main profiles:

Cyber risk manager

As Cyber Risk Managers graduates will support tasks related to cyber risk management at organizational level in order to govern the enterprise risk by designing and implementing ad hoc strategies.
In particular, they will be prepared to:

  • Identify cyber risks in complex organizations
  • Provide advisory services to increase awareness within organizations to both IT and non IT professionals
  • Support the design and maintenance of the organization’s processes and information systems
  • Contribute to setting the cyber policies of an organization to reduce the risk of vulnerability
  • Perform forensic analysis of information systems and data to identify cyber crimes or frauds and their origin
  • Lead data incident responses and data breach notification procedures at enterprise level.

Data protection and security manager

As Data protection and security managers graduates will support tasks related to data protection, privacy management and compliance in order to govern risks on data. They deal with any data protection matters, issues and incidents and play a key role in fostering a data protection culture within the organization, designing and implementing essential elements of data protection regulations. This job profile is explicitly required by data protection regulations in Europe as well as around the world.
In particular, graduates will:

  • Design, advice, manage and maintain procedures’ compliance with data protection laws and policies
  • Conduct data protection and security assessments and develop and execute relevant project plans
  • Manage an awareness-raising program to promote a data privacy and security culture
  • Lead data incident responses and data breach notification procedures relative to data and privacy issues
  • Be the contact point for and cooperate with the relevant Data Protection Authorities when subjects exercise their individual data rights as well as supervise and advise on the response to such requests.

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